Park - a novel by Neil Smart

"Park" - a novel by Neil Smart.

The book is a novel written for a wide distribution but it has lots of Christian themes that flow through the whole narrative. 'park' stands for practice acts of random kindness and there is a call to do good and allow that good to change things. It is centred around a person who arrives in the park and brings about that change, and her interaction with four people from the church that looks out onto the park. Those four people then link in with the four gospel writers and their stories support the story that is played out in the park itself. It is a chance to tell the story of the gospels afresh to those who read for fun and might get together and discuss the issues raised at a book club.

Available from The Church Office, Wilverley Road, Brockenhurst, Hants SO42 7SP 

Cheques made payable to PCC Brockenhurst - Hall Appeal £8 each.
Please add £2 if you would like the book posted. All proceeds to The Church Hall Development Appeal.