Vicar's Letter - July 2019



Dear Friends,

So the new vicar of Brockenhurst has arrived and just about unpacked!

We had forgotten how unsettling moving house and home can be – our last move was 9 ½ years ago. This feeling of being unsettled doesn’t simply come from moving to a new place – we have been made to feel very welcome here!  Thank you to all who have been so generous in their time, welcoming words and gifts. Neither does it come simply as a result of moving away from long term friends and support structures. 

On reflection I think much of the unsettledness came from having to pack up, move, unpack and find a place for stuff. We have too much stuff and it doesn’t help that we seem to have also become the store for our children’s stuff too!  The packing up, moving and unpacking of all this stuff has made me realize how much our possessions can posses us.  We can become so attached to them and they can demand so much of us in terms of cleaning, moving, maintaining, updating, insuring, replacing...

‘Look at the birds of the air,’ says Jesus, ‘they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns.’  This business of not gathering into barns is a theme throughout the scriptures because stuff, however much of it we might try to buy and possess, cannot satisfy the deepest reaches of the human heart.  Yet we keep on buying more and more stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong - I do like stuff - and especially at times of celebration, and for improving comfort and efficiency and making life easier.  But what the story of the crib to the cross really shows us is that some stuff lasts, and some stuff does not.  Part of the point of being a Christian is that we celebrate and appreciate the difference - otherwise we will simply be left feeling empty, even though our houses are full.

Yours in Christ,