All Age Worship

All Age Worship at St Saviour’s

All-Age Worship at St Saviour’s is a different kind of church service on the second Sunday of every month. It starts at 9:30 a.m. and lasts for no longer than 1 hour. It’s suitable for all ages, including yours, whatever that might be. We’re multi-layered; polyphonic; very visual; and definitely interactive! And if you don’t know what any of that actually means, read on below, or simply come and experience All-Age Worship at St Saviour’s for yourself. You will be very welcome, however old or young you are.


Just as many Pixar films brilliantly engage adults, teenagers and children, All-Age services can also make connections at multiple layers. One of the keys to this is choosing a single theme, which is both deep yet made understandable to everyone. This theme can be unpacked throughout the service in various ways. We try really hard to keep every service element on-topic; so games, songs, prayers, craft, drama etc all serve the theme and help people connect with it on different levels.


Some "All Age" services consist only of children's action songs. Others will avoid these like the plague, and insist that children need to see adults "really worshipping". We tend to take a third way - using a wide variety of music, and considering how each age and stage might interact with it. Simpler, more active songs should engage both children and adults in their own right.


Research has shown that around 40% of people are visual learners. Good visual worship will keep the attention of children and adults who need visual stimulus. So we use video Bible readings, props, images behind the songwords, visual art and drama to help people see the message.


We try to get as many people as possible helping to lead, from as many ages and stages as we can! Even if people are not leading bits from the front, we believe that as much of the service as possible should remain interactive – and so we ask questions of the congregation, not just as a rhetorical device but because we actually think the answers will be richer than the leaders’ wisdom alone! We get the congregation thinking and contributing, by shouting out, writing down, texting, moving around...