101 Things To Try

While you're at home, see how many of these challenges you can complete!

  1. Memorise a Bible verse.
  2. Read a chapter of the Bible to someone else.
  3. Learn the actions to a new song.
  4. Write a letter to someone.
  5. Bake a cake.
  6. Learn to say "Hello" in another language.
  7. Learn to sew a button.
  8. Paint a picture.
  9. Say a prayer for someone.
  10. Say a prayer for the world.
  11. Write a poem.
  12. Write and perform a play.
  13. Learn the 10 Commandments (by heart!)
  14. Write a list of 10 things you are thankful for.
  15. Help with a chore.
  16. Learn all the different countries in Europe.
  17. Learn all 66 books of the Bible (in order!). This song might help you.
  18. Read all of the Gospel of John.
  19. Illustrate a book.
  20. Build a tower.
  21. Set a world record.
  22. Write a comic of your favourite Bible story.
  23. See how many star jumps you can do in 10 seconds..
  24. Learn to cook something new.
  25. Learn the 10 Plagues of Egypt.
  26. Learn your 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11 times tables.
  27. Invent a secret handshake for your family.
  28. Write a song.
  29. Read a new book.
  30. Read to someone new.
  31. Go for a run or ride your bike.
  32. Go cloud spotting.
  33. Go star gazing.
  34. Go bird watching.
  35. Make a fact file about an animal.
  36. Make a fact file about Jesus.
  37. Make pancakes.
  38. Write a letter to the Queen.
  39. Call a friend and see how they are doing.
  40. Learn all the countries in Africa. This song might help you.
  41. Learn all 50 American states. This song might help you.
  42. Go for a nature walk.
  43. Make someone a nice cup of tea (biscuits optional!),
  44. Make someone a nice cup of coffee.
  45. Complete a jigsaw.
  46. Solve a sudoku.
  47. Complete a wordsearch.
  48. Make your own cinema and have a movie night.
  49. Build a fort.
  50. Hunt for minibeasts.
  51. Learn all of Jesus's "I Am" statements. You can find these in the Gospel of John.
  52. Make a wish jar. Say a prayer with each wish you put in the jar.
  53. Learn to make origami.
  54. Read a new Psalm each day.
  55. Have a screen free day.
  56. Learn to write your name in Japanese.
  57. Learn how to do a handstand.
  58. Learn how to do a headstand.
  59. Learn to cartwheel.
  60. Make a portrait of someone in your family.
  61. Make a self portrait.
  62. Do some junk modeling.
  63. Count to 1000.
  64. Make a collage using things from the garden.
  65. Learn to count to 100 in another language.
  66. Write a short story about one of Jesus's miracles. You can read about Jesus's miracles in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  67. Learn to say the alphabet backwards.
  68. Learn the flags of all the countries in Europe.
  69. Learn the NATO phonetic alphabet.
  70. Tidy your room.
  71. Create a new book cover for your favourite book.
  72. Design a new piece of play equipment for a park/your school/your garden.
  73. Do some gardening.
  74. Plant some vegetables.
  75. Build a den outside.
  76. Read the story of creation in Genesis.
  77. Write a song or poem thanking God for the world He made. 
  78. Make a treasure hunt.
  79. Dress up as a superhero.
  80. Make your own puzzle.
  81. Collect some tadpoles and watch them grow.
  82. Play Pooh sticks.
  83. Play a board game.
  84. Make your own board game.
  85. Make up your own imaginary language.
  86. Make your own play dough.
  87. Discover a new podcast. For younger children, check out storynory. For young people check out BBC sounds or Spotify.
  88. Record your own podcast.
  89. Make your own garland/banner for your room by plaiting strips of material.
  90. Make ice lollies in the freezer.
  91. Write a letter to God every week. Write about everything that has happend. Thank God for all the good things and ask for His help with any struggles.
  92. Write and record your own song.
  93. Shoot a music video.
  94. Have a family drum circle.
  95. Become a teacher. Learn a new skill and teach it your family!
  96. Write your own newspaper for your family and neighbours. Include lots of positive news!
  97. Take up yoga. If you are a beginner start here, if you want something the whole family can do start here.
  98. Take time to practise your dance moves. Look here for inspiration.
  99. Learn the names of the plants in your garden.
  100. Go tree spotting, learn the names of the different trees you see.
  101. Write your own bedtime story.

We are adding to this list every day! Keep checking in!