Sunday May 24 Ideas

Ascension Sunday

On Thursday this week the church celebrated Ascension Day.  You can read the story in Luke 24:36-53

Now imagine yourself in the story

You are in the upper room – the same room where you shared the Passover meal with Jesus six weeks ago. All of you are there, talking quietly. Suddenly, you turn round and Jesus is standing in the middle of the room. How do you feel?

Jesus explains that the Old Testament showed that He had to die. You remember seeing Jesus on the cross. Does it still make you feel sad? He reminds you that He died to take the punishment for all the things you have done wrong, so that you can know God. You look at the holes in Jesus' hands where the nails held him to the cross and remember the things you have done wrong. How do you feel about Jesus?

Jesus gives you a job! He says that you – and all the disciples – must spread the message of Good News to everyone! Starting in Jerusalem, then going into all of Judea – everywhere the Jews live – and then going to everyone in the whole world! You must tell everyone the Good News that Jesus died for them so that they can get to know God as well. How do you feel? Where will you start?

Jesus tells you that He will send the Holy Spirit to help you, and He will give you power to be able to do miracles, to help people believe the message. Are you excited? Are you a bit worried? How do you feel?

Then Jesus asks you to come with him. All of you stand up and go outside. There are flowers in the grass and the air smells fresh and sweet. The sun is warm and Jesus leads you up a hill. You are out of breath when you get to the top and Jesus stops. Are you glad to sit down on the soft grass?

Jesus stretches out his hands and blesses you. Then suddenly a cloud hides Him and He is taken up to heaven. You realise that you will never see him standing beside you on earth again. How do you feel?


  • Fill a bottle or jar halfway full with water and mix in some food colouring. 
  • Now fill the rest of the bottle with oil, leaving a small space at the top. 
  • The oil will separate from the water into a separate layer. 
  • Drop ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda into the bottle and turn upside down - watch as bubbles of coloured water start to ascend
  • Watch the bubbles rising and think about the sight of Jesus ascending and what that might have meant for the disciples. What might they have been thinking/ feeling? What does it feel like to wait for something, as the disciples had been told to go and wait for the Holy Spirit to come?


  • Think about situations where you or people you know are waiting for something to happen. 
  • Pray that God will take the worries and stresses of waiting away and that they will feel God's presence with them as they wait.

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