Youth Work Handbook - Christian Belief Statement

Brockenhurst Parish Church

Christian Belief Statement
in working with young people

1. One God exists from everlasting to everlasting and is revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. God’s Spirit inspired people to write the Bible (His Word), revealing His plan and His love for us.  We can trust His word to guide us.

3. God created us and all people in His image and, in response to all He gives us, He deserves our love and obedience.

4. God created all good things, He is holy and just. When sin entered our world, it separated us from God.  We have all made mistakes (sinned) and we can do nothing in our strength to make us completely right with God.

5. God loves His world and sent His son Jesus to restore the broken relationship between us and Him.  Jesus’ death and resurrection broke the power of sin and death and His sacrifice was made once for all – a gift of grace.

6. This gift of grace means that all we have to do is turn towards God by trusting and believing in His Son, Jesus.  Our faith in Him brings us forgiveness of all our wrongs and eternal life with God. This is our choice to accept or refuse His gift.

7. If we accept this gift from God, His Spirit lives in us empowering us to live, love and help others know Him.

8.  We hope for a time to come when God will fully restore this world by bringing heaven to earth under the complete rule of our Lord Jesus.


As leaders we seek to live out and share this faith with the young people attending our groups.

We also seek to care for all the young people, encouraging them to ask questions, respecting their views and helping them to make their own decisions about the Christian faith.