Youth Work Handbook - Consent Forms

Consent forms
Boring but necessary!
Annual general consent forms, with information for parents, should be arranged each academic year. These should include, where applicable:

  • Parental contact details
  • Information about food / other  allergies
  • Permission to transport in cars with a single leader
  • Permission to contact young people by phone, text, facebook, email
  • Permission to use simple first aid
  • Information on any health issues which will be kept confidential
  • Permission to use photos in Church displays / on website
  • Information on nature of activities
  • Contact details of leaders
  • That this data held will be kept confidential

Specific consent should be sought for:

  • One off events if parents not involved
  • Cooking – verbal permission – remember nut allergies
  • Remember this should include the level of supervision eg treasure hunt in Forest and village with groups of at least 3 Pathfinders
  • It should also specify particular risks eg swimming

Risk Assessment

  • This should be performed for one off events eg pathfinder Camp – should cover the number of leaders providing supervision of activities eg swimming, walking in Forest.
  • All leaders should report any hazards they identify in the Church Hall or other meeting place.

Sample annual consent form

Sample camp consent form

Sample camp risk assessment