Youth Work Handbook - First Aid

First Aid

General Comments

  • Ideally ask parent before treating any child.
  • Always inform parent if any treatment has been used.
  • Any injury should be recorded in incident book.  This is kept in the Church Office.
    If the Church office is unlocked there are slips in the first aid box which should be used and posted into the Church Office
  • If injury is minor the Vicar should be informed via the office within a week.
  • If injury requires more than simple first aid the Vicar should be informed as soon as possible.

Brockenhurst First Aid Kit

  • In the Hall foyer above telephone.
  • Please tell office if you use anything from it.

Out and about

  • A simple first aid kit should be carried for any activity beyond the Church grounds.
  • A leader should always have access to a mobile phone.
  • Contact details for parents and permission slips should also be taken on activities beyond Church grounds.