Children and Youth Team                                                Encouraging and supporting the children, family and youth work of the church. Contact Church Office
Fabric Team Care, use and development of our church buildings. Contact Tim Dodwell via Church Office
Finance team supporting the good use and stewardship of financial resources. Contact Peter Lay via Church Office
Hall Team Enabling all the activities that take place in our hall, caring for the users and the building. Contact church office
Mission Team Encourging the mission support of the church. Contact Liz Dodwell via Church Office
Outreach Team Enabling us all to reach out with God's love into our community
Pastoral Team Providing pastoral care for individuals by the church. Contact Joyce Kolaczkowski 623329
Prayer Team Encouraging and supporting the life of the church and each other in prayer. Contact Simon Newham 624163
Social Team Organising fellowship and social events in our church. Contact Keith 622275
Worship Team Enabling worship in our church. Contact via Church Office