Volunteer Update 10

Update 10 to Volunteers – 22nd May

It looks as if we are tentatively emerging from the strict lockdown of the past 7/8 weeks. Any sort of ‘normality’ is probably some way off, however, and we are all going to have to continue to adapt our routines at home and at work as we go forward. Some might wonder if things will ever be ‘normal’ again. Those whom you are helping in our community – the elderly and the vulnerable – may have to wait some time yet for any sort of ‘normality’ to appear. They will continue to be reliant on the wonderful and selfless support volunteers have given to them over the past weeks.

As we mentioned last week, some of you will no doubt have to return to work as businesses and offices in many areas of the economy begin to reopen. Please let us know if, as a result of changing circumstances, you have to relinquish your responsibility for doing someone else’s shopping. Happily, we can find replacements.

Brockenhurst Businesses Update Version 10 – click here for the latest version

Brockenhurst Pre-School click here for details of their current Appeal for funds to help their move to the Primary School site

Brockenhurst Post Office –  It is planned for the Post Office to re-open on 10th June at the new Welcome store in Brookley Road, subject to staff being able to complete their training (this was delayed because of the pandemic). This is fantastic news; please let as many people as possible know about this development.

Basics Bank – As ever, all donations are welcome. Brockenhurst’s wonderful response to the appeals for items have been duly noted by Basics Bank staff who thank you for your generosity!

This week’s list of ‘most needed’ items:

  • Tinned Meats e.g. Ham, Corned Beef, Beef/lamb stew, chilli con carne, meat balls, hot dogs.
  • Milk - UHT or powdered.
  • Tinned baked beans.
  • Rice pudding.
  • Custard.
  • Cuppa soups.
  • Noodles.
  • J cloths,
  • Soap,
  • Toilet rolls.     

Many thanks & Stay Alert!                 

Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team