Volunteer Update 7

Update 7 to Volunteers – 1st May 2020

Scams – HCC have alerted us to a number of scams operating during the coronavirus. See the attachment for details. Please alert people you shop for, or speak to on the telephone, regarding these scams and ask people to be on their guard.

New Forest Basics Bank – below is a list of items which they constantly need: items are going out especially swiftly at this time. Please ensure that items are ‘in date’:

Tins of meats e.g. mince, chicken curry
Tuna (tinned)
Pasta & sauces
Rice Pudding (tinned)
Custard (tinned)
Long life milk

Brock Businesses Update Version 7 – click for details.

Brockenhurst Parish Magazine – Just to remind you all (and please pass on the message to anyone who may be interested), the May edition of the parish magazine is now available online in pdf form please click here. With volunteer help, we have delivered 105 ‘hard copies’ this week to those subscribers who do not have access to the internet.

Some comments heard this week:

‘My shopper is marvellous – nothing is too much trouble for her.’

‘What a wonderful service my shopper provides. Deliveries always arrive with a smile.’

‘I’m not lonely; I have some new friends who phone me regularly and who let me know what’s going on. I’m looking forward to meeting them when this is all over.’

Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team