Volunteer Update 12

Update 12 to Volunteers – 6th June

A note re the need for continued vigilance/safety precautions – As restrictions are eased, it is worth reminding ourselves as volunteers that we must continue with a strict hygiene regime when shopping on behalf of others. We are constantly being reminded by the Government that ‘this is a dangerous moment’ in the fight against Covid-19. Now is not the time to relax our guard.

Peter Hebard lives in the village and as Coordinator of UK Infection Control Engineers' Covid Task Force, he has pointed out that there are some general signs of ‘complacency’ creeping in. Here in the village we are at increased risk because Brockenhurst and its surrounds attract increasing numbers of visitors, many of whom are using our shops. We need to be vigilant! Should anyone wish to discuss any matters related to hygiene/infection risk, Peter is happy to hear from you (Tel.622517).

No-one can blame people from afar wanting to visit our lovely area – especially after many weeks of having to ‘stay at home’. Sadly, with increased numbers of visitors, there are often downsides – BBQs being held in inappropriate places or unwanted litter being left behind, for example. One of our volunteers has asked us to mention the New Forest In Touch mobile app. 

This app lets you photograph, video and report problems directly to the council - where the issue will be quickly dealt with by the appropriate service. It is free to download from the App Store or Google Play, and lets you report issues 24/7 from anywhere in the UK via your Smartphone. Using the app will ensure that the council has up-to-date information on any issues locally. Residents living in the Balmer Lawn area have had to clear up litter on a daily basis recently: 10 black sacks of rubbish were collected over 3 days at Balmer Lawn ‘beach’. Photo: After the Clear-up!


Hampshire Police Crime Prevention Bulletin May 2020

Basics Bank – Many thanks to all those who continue to support this worthy charity. Here is this week’s list of ‘most needed’ items:

Tinned Meats e.g. mince, curry, hot dogs
Milk - UHT or powdered
Tinned baked beans
Rice pudding
Washing up liquid

Thank you! Stay Alert!  - Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team