Volunteer Update 9

Update 9 to PVs – 15th May 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday evening and subsequent details given this week, it may be that some of you will soon be returning to your places of work. If you are a volunteer shopper for someone, and need to relinquish your attachment, please just let us know and we will arrange for a new volunteer to take over from you. There is still a large number of volunteers who have not yet been matched-up with those needing help during the lockdown period, so you do not need to feel guilty if you have to ‘hand in your notice’, so to speak!

Some village updates/notices 

Our Residential Care Homes in the village are providing excellent protection and care for their residents and remain Covid-free, which is excellent news.

Forest Oaks – The Residential & Nursing Home in The Rise, is run by The Wilverley Association (a not-for-profit organisation) and is a registered Charity. The message from the Director of Operations at Forest Oaks is, ‘Everyone is doing well’. Last Friday the staff made the VE Day celebrations very special for the residents. It is worth taking a look at the photos of everyone enjoying themselves – see their website (address below). We have heard many stories in the media about care staff going the extra mile to ensure their charges are kept as safe as possible.  Apparently, some staff members at FO have voluntarily opted to shield themselves whenever they are not at work, thus minimising the chance of carrying the virus into the Home. FO are managing to acquire enough PPE, but the costs of it have risen very substantially. If anyone wishes to make a donation to help with these rising extra costs, please contact FO directly for details on 622424 or phone Joanne Husband, Chairman of Trustees, on 626552. https://wilverleyassociation.org/

Brock Businesses Update Version 9 – please see the latest version here. Do take a look at the details – you will note that a few more businesses are reopening their doors. Dynasty (not on the new version yet) is again providing a takeaway service apparently – phone for details.

It is Christian Aid Week. Normally an envelope for donations would be posted through every door in the village. If you happen to see people on your daily rounds who might be interested in donating to this worthy cause, this can be done either online at www.christianaid.org.uk. or by telephoning 020 7523 2493. If you prefer to contact our local Christian Aid Treasurer, Elaine Nichol, then call 01590 623617. Postal donations are not possible at the current time.

New Forest Basics Bank – Please continue to encourage people to support this group - much needed at the moment. During April they delivered 264 parcels serving 680 people. As ever, items can be left either in the box in the new Welcome Store in Brookley Road, or in the box inside the porch of St. Saviour’s Church.

Stay safe – Stay Alert!

Many thanks! Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team