Volunteer Update 8

Update 8 to Volunteers – 8th May 2020 – VE Day!

Today is VE Day. A time to celebrate 75 years since the end of the WWII in Europe; a time to celebrate 75 years of relative peace; a time to celebrate the efforts of the NHS, of Care workers and all other essential/key workers – and the efforts, once again, of our forces personnel  who have done so much to help during the current coronavirus outbreak. We could also add a thank-you to all of you, our volunteers, for doing your bit during this lockdown period. At 3.00 p.m. this afternoon we are asked to raise a toast:

‘To those who gave so much – we thank you.’

Although the week-end of celebrations here in Brockenhurst are not going ahead as planned, please look at http://www.brockenhurst.gov.uk/VEDay75_31147.aspx for everything you need to know ensure that this important milestone is remembered.

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As previously noted, we have received thanks for the work you do on behalf of the elderly and vulnerable in our village. This week, one of our volunteers shared this with us:

I have continued to do a little bit of shopping for (named). I phone her each Tuesday and she gives me a list which I get and drop off on Wednesday. I then call, stand well back and we chat for a while in the front garden. She is a lovely lady and I get at least as much out of it as she does. Most of all it is nice to be able to help in a small way and to feel useful and help protect the older members of our community.

Right at the start of this initiative to help the elderly and vulnerable, we hoped that many new friendships would be forged across our community, and so it has proved. As with many exchanges in life, and as this volunteer has found, giving is so often more fulfilling than receiving!

Basics Bank – Apparently since we first posted a list of items which were desperately needed, donations in the village have noticeably increased. This may, of course, be a coincidence! We have, however, been asked to continue to advertise a list of needed supplies.

Tinned meats e.g. mince, chicken curry
Tuna (tinned)
Pasta (dried or tinned)
Rice Pudding (tinned)
Custard (tinned)
Long-life milk

Many thanks!

Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team