Volunteer Update 5

Update 5 to Volunteers – 17th April 2020

One elderly lady phoned in to say how grateful she was to have her very own ‘shopper’. She only realised how anxious she had become about visiting the shops herself, when she no longer had to do so.

A resident who has seen one or two ‘shoppers’ arrive at neighbours’ doors over the past week or two sent an email praising our army of volunteers. Amongst other things she said:

I just wanted to thank all the people involved with Brockcare (& other groups) helping such a lot of people who need assistance and encouragement to cope during the time of this dreadful virus.  You are all doing such good work.  Many thanks.

Your efforts are certainly being recognised, so thank-you for everything that you are doing.

Yesterday we learned (but most of us had already guessed) that the ‘lockdown’ was set to continue for a while yet. For those of us lucky enough to have a spouse/partner or family around, and/or to have a garden to walk out into, or are able to get on our bikes and explore some of the forest, these strange times have probably been bearable. The lovely weather has helped, and if you happen to have a job to go back to after this is over, or can work from home now, then life could certainly be worse.

Sadly, many people do not have any of these advantages. Lockdown for them is no doubt incredibly hard going – more of a prison sentence than anything else. The mental stress of trying to feed a family when money is short, or trying to keep a business afloat in these uncertain times, or being worried about family members ‘on the front line’ must be unbearable. Thank-you all for doing what you can to help others in these difficult days.

We mentioned last week about volunteers being needed to drive people to medical appointments. If you have been accepted on the GoodSam NHS scheme, or you already have an enhanced DBS in place and would like to offer yourself as an occasional driver, please phone Sue Hendry (Brockenhurst Care Cars Coordinator) on 623543 and give her your contact details.

Joyce/ Sharon & Brockcare Coronavirus Team