From Bishop Assiel of Kigeme

Latest news from Bishop Assiel of Kigeme:

Concerning this time of Covid 19 Pandemic, here in Rwanda things have started changing. The Government has resumed public and private businesses, public and private transport, markets, manufacturing and construction sectors have been resumed. But the churches are still closed and we are still gathering and do services from home. It is not easy to reach to the people because our technology still at lower standard but I try to call every Pastor in order to know how the people are and send some encouraging messages by phones. We have distributed food to some families but the starving families are increasing day by day and we are facing floods and land slides because of heavy rain we are having. I can say that it is a testing and difficult time but we still have hope in God who is stronger than all these challenges.  I hope 

You have heard the prayer requests that we have.

May God continue protect and bless you.

Bishop Assiel