Weddings & Christenings

If you are enquiring about weddings and baptisms we want to be here to help you find what you need.

Baptism or Christenings are usually carried out in the church of the parish where you live so that you or your child can be welcomed into the life of the local church. If you wish to enquire about baptisms please come along to a service and ask the clergy present about how to take the next step. Or you can contact the Office to arrange for the Vicar to get in touch with you. Please see the policy for more details.

Weddings are always a time of great joy and we love to be involved. There are strict regulations about where people can be married. If you live in the parish then you have an automatic right to married in the local church. If you have a qualifying connection, see the policy document, then you can also be married in our churches. For more information please contact the Vicar at a service or by phone or call the office for more details.