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Lord of the night,
Be with me through the hours of darkness,
Let all my questions,
Problems, decisions,
Be enveloped in sleep
That through the mystery
Of the sleeping mind
The difficulties of this day
Will seem to be easier
In the morning light.
Into your hands, O Lord,
I commit my spirit.

Frank Topping

Watch, dear Lord,
with those who wake,
or watch,
or weep tonight,
and give your angels charge over those who sleep;

Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ,
rest your weary ones,
bless your dying ones,
soothe your suffering ones,
pity your afflicted ones, shield your joyous ones,
and all for your love’s sake.

St Augustine

Heavenly Father, my day is drawing to an end, and I’m ready to go to sleep, but before I do,
   I want to thank you for your faithfulness today.
It’s always a good day, even when things may not go the way I plan,
   or when the world seems in chaos, because you are still in control.

For all the times when I was aware of your help today,
   all the times when your unseen presence seemed so near, thank you, God.
For all the ways you worked behind the scenes, unknown to me,
   moments when heaven-sent angels moved on my behalf in ways I’ll never know,
   thank you for those also, Lord.

Forgive me for any foolish actions on my part today or things I did without first asking your blessing or wisdom.
Those are moments I’d rather forget, but I’m so grateful for your forgiveness when I ask.
I never want to go to bed without clearing the air between us, Lord.
Our friendship means too much, and your holiness deserves that.
Thank you for loving me just as I am.
Your love compels me to give you my all and fills my heart with praise.

As I close my eyes tonight, I’m praying for loved ones around me,
   for friends and those who need to know you, Lord.
I’m praying that your love, will touch them and help them see who you really are.
I pray for our world and those in it.
I pray for their needs as well as my own.