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Vicar’s Letter

May 2022

Dear Friends, This month on 26th May the Church celebrates Christ’s Ascension into heaven – an event that has always slightly puzzled me!  Let me

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April 2022

In Scripture many of the sayings of Jesus come from extra-biblical sources, aphorisms, legends and stories. He takes wisdom from wherever it comes. It’s interesting

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March 2022

Dear Friends, The season of Lent is upon us – a season that perhaps many of us aren’t quite sure what to do with apart

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February 2022

Dear Friends, I don’t know about you, but I always feel somewhat deflated in the first couple of months of a new year.  Maybe it’s

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January 2022

Dear Friends, Happy New Year!  Or is it?  If the news headlines are to be believed 2022 may not be the happiest of years for many

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December 2021

Dear Friends, A Vicar asked God if he could see heaven and hell before he went to whichever of the two was going to be

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