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The Social Team were back in action after an enforced COVID break.  The Harvest Quiz was a sell out with 72 people taking part.

Alan Wright had written the questions and tested our knowledge with flags, countries beginning with A, acronyms – for example SCUBA, 50:50 questions, general knowledge and the Olympics.  It was discovered that not all general knowledge was general – what was Captain Mainwaring’s wife’s name? – answer below the photos.  Bill Munt was a witty presenter of the questions and the excellent fish and chips gave us a needed break from his puns.  Thanks to the whole team for the preparation and clearing up after the event.

Sue Moss’ team won – as she rounded up the best team mates!  Her own contribution was small. 
Now is the time to start practicing for next year so that you too can hold the cup aloft.


Answer – Elizabeth