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The Diocese of Winchester has been working in partnership with the Diocese of Sheffield to produce an initiative called Generous June.  Generous June aims to join us together across our many varied cultures, traditions and contexts, to share in developing our understanding of God’s generosity, and how it can influence all aspects of our day to day lives – more details can be found at  

At Brockenhurst we will be joining in with this initiative this June so do please keep an eye out for ways in which you can participate.  

Why will we be doing this?

Firstly, because we want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you who have so generously supported your church in so many different ways over the last, somewhat challenging, year.  Without your generous giving of time, talents and money we would not have been able to do all the things we have been able to do (virtual services, funerals, weddings, baptisms, online school assemblies, Alpha Course, Home Groups and study courses, Brock Care, work at Brock College, community service through the use of our buildings etc), or plan for all the things we hope to be able to do (upgrading our digital hardware, children’s and family work, developing our music and worship – to name but a few).  Thank you for all that you have given that has made all of these things possible and hopefully will continue to make further things possible..

Secondly, we believe that giving generously is good for us – whether that is to the church or some other good cause.   Several different surveys coordinated by Canadian psychologist Elizabeth Dunn showed that people, whatever their wealth or income, who gave money away tend to be happier than those who only spend on themselves.  Jesus knew that what we do with our money has the potential to help make us truly happy or the opposite – lead us to misery and addiction.  That’s why in the Bible, there are 275 verses on “prayer”, 350 verses on “faith”, 650 verses on “love”, but a huge 2,350 verses relating specifically to finances and material possessions.   Over one third of Jesus’ teaching was about how we use our money and possessions.  Why?  Because as one writer warns us, ’You can’t take up the cross or hold on to Christ if your hands are full of other things.’  So as well as saying ‘thank you’ we also want to gently challenge you to continue to give generously and efficiently (e.g. through the churches PGS scheme)  – whether that is to the church or elsewhere and whether that’s of your money or of your time and talents.

Please do take some time this Generous June to reflect on how you give generously for the good both of yourself and others.

Yours  in Christ