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Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They tackle poverty and injustice through sustainable development, by responding to disasters and challenging injustice.

We believe an end to extreme poverty is possible. Thousands of people needlessly suffer and die every day because of poverty. But that’s not God’s plan for the world.

Work on Vaccine distribution:
We refuse to let people living in poverty be left behind. As followers of Jesus, we are committed to following his example of caring for all people – ‘whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40).

The only way out of this pandemic is to recover together – no country is safe until all countries are safe. We are campaigning for everyone in every country to have access to an approved Covid-19 vaccine. We are also helping prepare communities for the roll out of a vaccine, including equipping church leaders to share accurate information about Covid-19 vaccines.

Campaigning for a greener, fairer future – rebooting:
As the world’s governments build back from the pandemic, their promises to act in the best interests of people and the planet are not stacking up. We are still on course for catastrophic global temperature rises that will put millions of lives at risk. 

In November, the UK will host the UN climate talks, COP26, in Glasgow. Governments of practically every country will come together to make plans for tackling the climate crisis – decisions made there will affect us all now and for generations to come.

It’s time for the Prime Minister and other world leaders to step up and take strong and transformative action to help end the climate crisis. The church has a vital role in making this happen. Through prayer and speaking out for change, we can love our neighbours across the world and build a fairer world that works for everyone.

Working in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
More than 3 million children have fled their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Tearfund is providing clean drinking water, hand washing stations, emergency toilets and hygiene awareness for people living in the camps.

Millions of children have so much God-given potential, but right now all their parents can focus on is their survival. Tearfund is trying to help give these children the God to step into the future they deserve.

Provision of Water in Ethiopia
For many people in the north-east of Ethiopia, the impact of climate change is devastating. They used to expect rain for up to four months a year, but now it only falls in August. People do not have enough water to survive – it is an issue of life or death.

Tearfund is changing lives, by working with local partner, Friendship Support Association (FSA), to set up solar-powered wells that will provide clean water closer to communities. This will help to restore hope and give new life for all who live there.