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On May 30th we were delighted to welcome Chris Collinson LIVE to our 10.30 service to tell us about the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship, a charity that our church has decided to support in 2021.  This is the organisation behind the Christian Unions in colleges and universities and Chris was able to give us a real insight into the very valuable work they have been doing in recent Covid days.  
These include:

Delivering a message & cheerful plant to many International students who are self-isolating
Meetings with students – usually with Jaffa cakes or other welcome food
Making links between Christian students and local churches
Evangelising events
Offering a helping hand to all students

We heard personal tales of the friendship offered to all students including those of all faiths and none and in particular to those coming from overseas with no contacts or friends here in the UK.

If you would like to hear more or give something extra to support the UCCF their website is