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We have been serving Wednesday Lunches for the elderly in the Church Hall for over 35 years! They are extremely popular and provide a social setting in which guests can enjoy a two-course home-cooked meal followed by tea or coffee.

Wednesday Lunches are available in term-time only and booking is essential; places are limited and guests usually attend every week. Transport (free of charge) can be arranged for those who are infirm and unable to get themselves to the Hall.

Current cost of lunch: £5.00

Some comments made by our guests:

‘At least one day of the week when I can enjoy the companionship of like-minded people, whilst eating lovely food, lovingly prepared and served, and I thank God for providing so many Guardian Angels to enliven my life.  Bless you all.’                                                                               

‘Delicious food.  Excellent company!!  A welcome mid-week break and many, many thanks to all the unsung heroes and heroines who make this possible.’                                              

‘Good food, cheerful company and new friends.  An enlargement of my life.  Thank you to all the kind and helpful people who make it possible.’                                                                           

‘A delicious meal, beautifully cooked, in attractive surroundings with pleasant friends.  Very nice occasion!  Very many thanks.’

‘Lovely food.  Lovely people.  We are very lucky.  Thank you.’

To book a Wednesday Lunch or for further information, contact Lesley Munt via the 

Church Office – 624584