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Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They tackle poverty and injustice through sustainable development, by responding to disasters and challenging injustice.   This is some of their current work.


Recovery from conflict:
An example from Tearfund’s website:
Habiba and her husband, Ahmed, lived a peaceful life in Ethiopia with their twelve children. But when conflict broke out in their community in 2020, food became hard to find.  Harvests were abandoned by farmers, escaping the violence.  Ahmed was elected by the community to help distribute aid to people who needed it. But then armed groups showed up in the village and Ahmed was abducted.
After her husband was taken, Habiba fled with her children. But once they had found safety in a new area, it was difficult for Habiba to support her children – they had nothing.  Different host families in the community took in the children so that they would have shelter and food. But thanks to support from Tearfund’s local Christian partner, Friendship Support Association (FSA), the children have now been reunited with their mother.

‘You give me not only food but also my children. I sent my children to different families… to save their lives. But now, thanks to the FSA, I can feed my children and start living under one roof with them,’ says Habiba. (Names changed for safety). 

Campaigning for a greener, fairer future:
It’s time for the Prime Minister and other world leaders to step up and take strong and transformative action to help end the climate crisis. The church has a vital role in making this happen. Through prayer and speaking out for change, we can love our neighbours across the world and build a fairer world that works for everyone.  Tearfund has an online petition that you can sign asking the Prime Minister to use the UK’s remaining COP presidency to ensure promises made back in 2009 are fulfilled. Tearfund speakers are focussing on Climate Change as they speak in churches.  To hear more come on Sunday 31st July to either the 09.00 or 10.30 am church services when we have Simon and Elizabeth Mitchell as our guest speakers. 

Working with the people of Ukraine:
The conflict in Ukraine has sent more than five million people on a desperate race to escape. Homes and infrastructure have been destroyed. Families have been separated. Lives have been lost.  Huge numbers of people have been arriving at Ukraine’s borders with surrounding countries. Many have no food, no shelter, and nowhere to go.

Tearfund does not usually operate in Europe. Our call is to go where the need is greatest around the world – following Jesus into conflicts that aren’t always in the spotlight. However, as the scale of the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, as Christians we cannot stand by in silence.  As a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee and Integral Alliance, we’re supporting partners on the ground to provide food, bedding and temporary accommodation to refugees from Ukraine.

 Working to combat famine:
We have seen the suffering in Ukraine. The shockwaves from that conflict are reverberating around the world. Fuel and food prices are rising. We feel that here in the UK, yet it is the poorest countries and communities – many of whom are already facing multiple crises – that will once again bear the brunt.

Across the greater Horn of Africa region (including Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya), a terrible hunger crisis has been building following the worst drought there since 1981 – 13 million people are experiencing severe hunger every day. Yemen and Afghanistan are also on the brink of famine. With the world’s attention focused on Ukraine, there is a risk that the needs of these people will go unmet but Tearfund are continuing to work in these areas through local churches and relief agencies.