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Children’s Society

The Children’s Society has dedicated more than 100 years to protecting the hopes of children threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect.
From humble beginnings they have stayed true to their mission and have helped transform the lives of young people all across the country. 
They campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will  improve the lives of those who need help most.

They understand the needs of young people and support them through their most serious life challenges. They work with young people who have suffered years of abuse, who have run away from home or are struggling with mental health issues. They look out for young carers and those who are at risk of being groomed by criminal groups and help refugees who have no one else to turn to in this country.

The young people they meet have complicated lives. Their experiences are always different, but young people all have one thing in common.
It’s a thing called hope. Hope for a happier home life. Hope of getting a job, of getting away from the people who exploit or hurt them.
So the Children’s Society find their hope and start there, working with them little by little, giving them whatever they need and empowering them to make decisions for the future they want.

They work with young people for as long as it takes and across all different aspects of their life as it’s rarely simple for them.
There might be aggression, mistrust, anger or disappointment, but even when hope is hanging by a thread they help them find it again.

Last year the Children’s Society worked with more than 11,500 young people through direct practice, and in turn helped them regain their hope, even when it was hanging by a thread.  Over the years, their campaigns have created a lot of positive change for young people, from making sure low income families get free school meals to introducing compulsory sex and health education in secondary schools. But more needs to be done. The Children’s Society couldn’t achieve all they do without the help of their supporters. Their impact on a young person’s life is all driven by their volunteers and campaigners, their supporters who run a marathon or host a Christingle every year. No matter how they give their time, lend their voice to campaigns, or support financially, they are helping the Children’s Society fight for the hope that’s within all children across the country. 

Please visit to learn more about the important work the society does.  House box collections mean the Children’s Society are able to work with more than half a million children and young people throughout the UK each year and support many vulnerable children who would otherwise have had no-one to turn to.   If you would like to have a box in which you can donate your loose change, please contact Lesley Munt on 612015.  Each year supporters in Brockenhurst contribute approximately £1,000 in this way.


When you think about our local hospice, Oakhaven, what comes to mind? Probably, your thoughts centre around a place that people go at the end of their lives to receive a very special type of love, care and support.  That’s true, but in fact, that care is just the tip of a huge iceberg of support for people with life-shortening conditions and their families.  Oakhaven is not just a place where people go to die. 

The In-Patient Unit is a place of hope where the team help people with complex conditions to balance their medications and create care plans that help people to return and spend as much time as possible at home with those who love them.  Allied to this is the Day Hospice, where people can be brought from their homes periodically to meet with others, enjoy fellowship and benefit from medical, emotional and spiritual support.

Support within the community is provided through medically-trained professionals who can visit people at home and volunteer Hospice Neighbours who provide a free service offering companionship and lending a helping hand with everyday tasks that can become overwhelming when living with a life-limiting illness.

Through its purpose-built wellbeing centre, Oakhaven also offers practical support, social activities and wellbeing classes for anyone whose life has been impacted by health issues or the loss of a loved one.

Once again, Oakhaven will receive a proportion of our Christmas church giving. You may also wish to consider whether volunteering at Oakhaven could be part of your New Year’s resolution to bring good into the world.  Roles are available in both of the hospice shops and the hospice itself. For more information visit the Oakhaven website or call Kathryn Marsh on 01590 646447.

EMBRACE the Middle East

Is a Christian charity with over 160 years’ experience helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from lives of poverty and injustice. Together with local Christian communities they seek to bring lasting change to the Middle East through healthcare, education and community development projects.

It works supporting Christian partners throughout the Middle East.  These seek to transform lives and restore the dignity of the most excluded and marginalised communities, and to enable those with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest. Where there is a need – for refuge, a home, for health care, for education, for justice and human rights – Embrace, with their partners, respond. Their goal is to contribute to a culture of human flourishing in a troubled region.

Theirs is a vision of love in action. It is rooted in, and inspired by, Christ’s invitation to care for those most in need.

Once again their current appeal is for suffering families in Lebanon, both local residents and refugees from Syria.  With so many other disasters around the world the continuing plight of refugees in Lebanon is easily overlooked.

We hope that you will support them generously.  For more information please visit their website