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UCCF encourages Christian life and witness among students all over Britain.  Young people are at an age when they are most open to considering the meaning of life and their own future.  These days most come from non-church backgrounds and it can often be difficult for Christians to stand up for what they believe in.  UCCF staff visit universities and colleges all over the country to encourage and help them. It is students who lead the Christian Unions in their colleges but UCCF staff workers who encourage them and offer resources and guidance.  Every August they organise a great training conference.  Last year a thousand students attended it and enjoyed solid Bible teaching, prayer and fellowship. Students’ faith is challenged and deepened.  Many become life-long disciples of Christ.  The Christian Unions welcome students from different backgrounds, denominations and church traditions.  They are supported by the local church.

Core values of the UCCF: confidence in the truth , understanding, celebrating and defending the truth of the gospel; urgent in evangelism, proclaiming Christ crucified; passionate about unity, gathering and uniting all Christians around the essential truths of the gospel; committed to the local church as it is the primary place of Christian ministry and discipleship ; motivated by grace, rejoicing in our salvation, serving one another and loving the lost; generous on world mission

We support the UCCF with prayer and funding. Are you in touch with anyone who is a student today?  Try praying for them, remembering their deepest needs so that you can better support them.  If you do not know any students at present, you can get information from or telephone UCCF on 01865 253 678.  They also have a ministry among overseas students studying in Britain, called Friends International.  They are made welcome and shown round when they first arrive.  Then hospitality is offered so that they feel less isolated and lonely during their stay in this country.  Here in Brockenhurst we can host students from Southampton, Winchester and Bournemouth.  This is rewarding and can be great fun.  If you are interested, ask Jenny Noyelle for details.

And please include UCCF in your personal prayers – some suggestions

  • Pray for the Travelling Secretaries of the UCCF (Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship) as they visit the colleges in their “patch”. May they encourage and resource the student leaders of the Christian Unions.
  • Pray for new leaders and committee members of the Christian Unions who have just taken on these responsibilities this term. May the Holy Spirit give them the wisdom and grace they need.
  • Pray for any students you know personally, asking God to guide them in their social life and help them in their studies so that they get the very best out of their time at college or university.
  • Pray for final year students as they face end of year assessments and exams . May God enable them to do their best and give them peace about the outcome.
  • Pray for overseas students who may feel disorientated and lonely. May they find new friendships and a real welcome in Britain.