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A New Conversation
I understand a bit more now
about how it might have felt
to be at the table that night
of breaking bread and sipping wine,
so grateful for the new conversation.

No longer about rules and regulations,
but about belonging.

The new conversation happened around the table
where the life of each disciple
was a sacred text.
Not just the ones who didn’t betray.
A conversation where everyone’s words were part of the sacred story.

So we return on Sundays
to remember
what is available to us.

Do this in remembrance of me.
Do take this with you.
This new conversation.
This beauty you have experienced —
it’s not a story to believe
or to memorize
or to tell,
but a life to live
with one another,
a new conversation to inhabit.

What if as much as it is about the bread and the wine,
it is about re-entering the conversation.

What if as much as it is about the beautiful inherited words offered,
it is about our emerging and imperfect words,
held by the fertile tensions of
belonging and becoming,
longing and allowing,
arriving and departing.

Do this in memory of me…

Do take this with you.

This gift —
this earthy and holy invitation —
to participate in a new conversation.

Kristin Geiser