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We continue to hear how SAT-7 is not only broadcasting the Good News of the Kingdom of God across the Middle east and Africa but is offering practical help and encouragement to many in very difficult situations, like the earthquakes earlier this year.

In Afghanistan in particular the women and girls are suffering from the Taliban’s clamp down on their lives, hopes and activities and their programme Sweet Truth encourages Afghan Christians everywhere.

In Turkey SAT-7 programmes like You Are Not Alone support families and encourage women to stand up against domestic abuse, arranged marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, as well as restrictions on clothing, employment & education and many other things.

Interestingly SAT 7 hears of many people living in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) who have had an experience of being visited by Jesus in a dream or vision.  We’ve heard this before. 

God needs our help to reach out to these loved ones.  If you are interested in supporting SAT-7 individually, you’d like to receive their prayer diary to help you pray for these folk or you’d like to read more about this fascinating and essential charity, please visit