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Millions across China have come to faith over the past few decades but not all have a clear understanding of the Christian faith. Bible Society sent discipleship materials to the Chinese city of Feicheng. Their impact has been huge. Elder Wang said “This was the first time we had a small Bible-learning group format in our churches using the discipleship materials The Abundant Life and The Abundant Grace donated by Bible Society. From one small learning group, we have grown to more than 20 groups now consisting of 240 people. And from our church, we have gone to share this small learning-group format using the Bible Society discipleship materials to 14 other churches in Feicheng.”

The Chinese Church is now the fastest-growing Church in the UK, according to a new report from Bible Society. It has seen a 28.8 per cent growth in the last two years. The growth is happening largely in Cantonese congregations, boosted by people emigrating from Hong Kong to the UK since 2021. Grace came to the UK in May 2021 with her husband and children, looking for ‘a more fair society’. The couple were Christians in Hong Kong. The decision had been both ‘exciting’ but also ‘worrying’. And though ‘on the surface it felt as if everything is settled, in my heart, I still felt uncertain,’ she said. Help was to be found in her church, which she said had ‘really welcomed new people’. Reading the Bible had also helped her, she said, especially Proverbs 4.23, ‘Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life.’


Christians make up less than two per cent of Pakistan’s overwhelmingly Muslim population and they are often targeted by extremists. The literacy rate for Pakistani women is 64 per cent – already substantially lower than the global average of 83 per cent, according to UNESCO. However, within this predominantly Muslim country, the literacy rate for Christian women is only 34 per cent. Since 2014, more than 58,000 women have learned to read the Bible through a literacy project run by the Pakistan Bible Society. After completing the course the students have been provided with a certificate of achievement and an Urdu Large Print New Testament from the Pakistan Bible Society.


Dina Katanacho leads the Bible Society team based in Galilee. They’re feeling the pain around them but working hard to turn a tragedy into an opportunity to share God’s love. The Arab-Israeli community faces significant tension due to their unique status. Straddling the divide between two conflicting parties, they identify with both Israelis and Palestinians. ‘As Christians, we abstain from polarizing the situation. Our allegiance is to Christ, the prince of peace. We strive to be pro-Christ in every possible way.’ Dina and her team are distributing The King of Peace and His Young Followers in churches and schools. They’ve been preparing lessons from this creative publication so teachers can promote a culture of peace in religious education classes.

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