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We are the icon of God.
On the computer screen, an icon serves to lead us to what is behind the icon, to what it represents.
You may like to keep this in mind when you consider how we learn to approach the mystery of God:
   it is through the mystery of ourselves.
When we discover that our own being, in all its fullness, is simply beyond our human understanding,
   we can begin to find within us – and to see in others – the mystery of God.
This should fill us with awe but not arrogance.
As icons we cannot treat each other with disrespect or neglect;
   rather we should celebrate the special nature each of us individually has been given,
   our otherness, which reflects the great otherwho is God.
If you fail to be yourself a light goes out on the earth, a light that only you can give.
You can certainly learn from others and thus gain insights and expand your talents,
   but God does not want you to be a copy of another person.
We each of us experience life in our own way and have our own story to tell,
   our own song to sing and our own love to share.
This is our awesome journey, our pilgrimage of life.

David Adam