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Lord God

May I today put my life totally into Your hands.

May I not believe that my life’s worth is:

   money in the bank

   being busy

   buying gifts

   having stuff

   being creative

   being wise

   being organised

   doing things well

   being fit.

My life’s value is being Your loved child.

My only purpose should be to love and serve you.  Amen.


Thank you God 

– for the gift of today, for the gift of life and health.

Thank you Jesus 

– for saving me.

Thank you Holy Spirit 

– for living within me.

I know that I need you – Father, Son and Holy Spirit 

– help me to live today, trusting and serving you in love. Amen.


Good morning Jesus

Thank you for calling me by name.

Today I choose to put my faith in You.

Today I choose to call You Lord.

Today I choose to try and follow You.

Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Amen.





Rejoice – this is the day that the Lord has made.
May I take delight in you:

   Lord God, creator of the sound of the world

   Jesus, the tune and the words of life

   Holy Spirit, the rhythm keeper;

And may I be part of the orchestra of your Kingdom.  Amen.


Help me today to fix my eyes on you.

In your light may I see light.

In your strength may I do the things that you want me to do.

In your peace help me to be peaceful whatever the day brings.  Amen.


Please God recreate me today in your image.

As I marvel at your creation, please break me,
   melt me, mould me, fill me.

And then may I bear witness of your love to a needy world.  Amen.


Lord Jesus

I am sorry for the ways in which I have wandered off track this week.

Please bring me back onto your path for my life.

Thank you for having a plan that is best for me.

Help me to walk in step with you and may I share your yoke.  Amen.