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Home Church Diary - Brockenhurst Parish Church 2pm TREASURE WALK from Beachern Wood Carpark

2pm TREASURE WALK from Beachern Wood Carpark

Treasure Walk

Tuesday 1st August 2023


14.00pm  Beachern Wood Car park



= Task      F = follow and enjoy

T      what year is carved on the bench?

F      Follow the arrows on the grass to green sign on left saying “Camping straight on”

T      Clue on this signpost

F       Follow arrows to tree stump. Why do you think this tree was felled?

T       Clue on tree

F       Follow arrows to gravel path

T       what is the number on the signpost to your right?

F       follow gravel path keeping eyes open for a small foot bridge on right. How many planks are there?

T       Clue on plank

F       follow the arrows towards stream

T       By fallen tree on right, what happened to this tree?


T       Clue on tree

F       Walk to bridge and play Pooh sticks. Can you see a Water Boatman on the stream?



Turn right at the end of the bridge and follow the wooden rails up to the left into the trees

F       Follow arrows up the path

F       At the top of the path look for an “Enclosure stone” to your right.

T       Two clues on the back of stone

I        Face wooden garage, can you see a white cottage on the right?

T       This is a Forest Keeper’s Cottage.  Do you know what the keeper does?


F       Still facing the wooden garage turn left and follow the arrows.

T       How many different trees can you spot as you walk along the track – at least 4.  Can you name them?


T       What plant grows on the ground as you walk along?

T       Pick up a stick with lichen growing on it.

T       As you get to where the tracks cross what are the humps on the right covered in?

F       Keep your eyes open for arrows as you follow the path to left.

T       As you approach the bridge, on the left is a sign on a post – what does the picture mean?


T       On bridge what is the small shiny blue insect you could see flying around?

T       Find the bench. Whose name is on the plaque? How many years did she live?


T       Clue on the back of bench.

F       Follow arrows up path. What colour is the heather on the left?

F       Stop at sign on the right at the top. What colours are on the sign?

F       Counting this post as number 1, follow the arrows to your left and count the number of posts along the way.

T       What colour flowers has a gorse bush in the Spring?

T       Carefully pick a small fern leaf. What colour does it change to in Autumn?

F       At 5th post keep eyes open to follow the arrows towards the  felled tree stump.

T       Look at large oak tree. How many ponies are there under the tree?

T       What else is under the tree?

T       Still at felled tree stump, look for a small packet.

F       Walk to the Registration table where you will find your Treasure.



ü    Tick all these pictures you see on your walk!

We hope you enjoyed the walk and your stay in the New Forest.

The Treasure Walk was compiled by a Christian Housegroup from the churches in Brockenhurst.


Aug 01 2023


2:00 pm