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Home Church Diary - Brockenhurst Parish Church Services 3.30pm Advent Spiral Service – St Saviour’s Church

3.30pm Advent Spiral Service – St Saviour’s Church

3.30pm for 4pm.  Advent signals a time of wakeful preparation for the birth of the Christ child; heralding the arrival of the world’s true light.

The Advent spiral symbolises our journey from darkness towards and into Christ’s light and the sharing of that light with our fellow travellers on their journey.

Upon arrival, you will find a beautiful green spiral with a single lit candle at its centre.  With gentle instrumental music strands filling the air, your are warmly invited to walk the spiral at a pace appropriate to you.  As you journey to the centre to have your candle lit from the centre candle, hold in your heart those absent and so draw them near.

On your return journey, find a spot to place your lit candle and so provide light for those still to come.  When everyone has made the journey, the whole spiral is aglow with light, reminding us that light is more powerful than darkness, that love is stronger than hate, and that the Prince of Peace is with us.


Dec 03 2023


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm