Letter June 2021

The Diocese of Winchester has been working in partnership with the Diocese of Sheffield to produce an initiative called Generous June.

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Letter April 2021

Dear Friends I love Easter!  I love the drama of the liturgy in church that moves us from death to life, despair to celebration; I love the way the church comes alive with flowers and beauty and life – almost as glorious as the returning warmth and splendour of Spring

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Letter March 2021

Dear Friends, Easter is not far off, but before we can celebrate the joy of the empty tomb we must first pass through the cross of Good Friday – and God knows, the past few months have felt something of a cross to bear for many of us!  But without

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Eco Church Bronze Award

We’ve been awarded a Bronze level certificate for our Eco Church activities – now proudly displayed in the Church Hall lobby.  Now we need to work for our Silver award!

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Letter February 2021

I write this letter at the end of a tumultuous week in American politics and national life – the Capitol Building was stormed by Trump supporters!  It was a shocking event – even viewed from this side of the Atlantic – highlighting a deeply divided nation and raising the question

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Letter January 2021

Dear Friends, By the time you read this letter you may have made up your mind as to the exact nature of your New Year Resolutions for 2021.  Perhaps to give up smoking; to take up more exercise, or a new language, or a new hobby, or something else that

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