January 2022

Dear Friends, Happy New Year!  Or is it?  If the news headlines are to be believed 2022 may not be the happiest of years for many of us, with the uncertainties continuing around the Covid pandemic, climate change, and deteriorating international relationships being just a few of the things that might

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December 2021

Dear Friends, A Vicar asked God if he could see heaven and hell before he went to whichever of the two was going to be his final destination. He was taken to hell first where he saw a group of people crying and screaming at each other as they sat

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November 2021

Dear Friends, Despite all the challenges the last 18 months or so have thrown at us, this year has been a great one for sport and so many are so happy to be able to watch it, and/or take part in it, once again. I recently saw an interview of

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October 2021

Dear Friends, The other evening I caught a glimpse of one of my favourite cartoon characters, Bart Simpson, praying. It was Christmas Eve in the Simpson household and Bart prayed the following prayer: ‘O God, if you bring me lots of good stuff tomorrow, I promise not to do anything

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September 2021

Dear Friends This September we will be running a study course across the Brockenhurst, Boldre and South Baddesley group called Living in Love and Faith.  It’s a five session course produced by the House of Bishops to help the Church of England explore the complicated, emotive and divisive issues of

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August 2021

Dear Friends, I wonder if you are all feeling slightly anxious about what to do with yourself in a week or so’s time – after all the European Cup, Wimbledon and the Olympics will no longer be on our TV screens (unless you’ve bought the Greatest Highlights Compilation!), and even

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