Mission 2021

See below for the list of our Mission Giving in 2021 - if you wish to contact anyone please call the Church Office in the first instance.

January 2021     Leprosy Mission

February 2021   SAT-7 - contact Jen Burgess  click here for details

March 2021        Rwanda (Deanery Project) - contact Jenny Noyelle

April 2021      The Jerusalem and Middle East Association - Tony Foulger click here for details

May 2021    Christian Aid  - contact Lyn Williamson click here for details

June 2021   University and Colleges Christian Fellowship - contact Jenny Noyelle

July 2021         Mission to Seafarers -  contact Vicar - Revd Simon Newham

August 2021   Christians Against Poverty  - contact Sue Moss click here for details

September 2021        Children's Society  contact Sue Moss click here for details

Harvest 2021    New Forest Basics Bank  contact Elaine Nicholl click here for details

October 2021   Tearfund - contact Sue Moss click here for details

November 2021     Church Mission Society - contact Jenny Noyelle click here for details

December 2021 New Forest Mencap (Gateway Club)contact Janet McDonald

Christmas 2021   Oakhaven Hospice - contact Caroline Brace click here for details

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