Mission 2021

See below for the list of our Mission Giving in 2021 - if you wish to contact anyone please call the Church Office in the first instance.

January 2021     Leprosy Mission

February 2021   SAT-7 - contact Jen Burgess  click here for details

March 2021        Rwanda (Deanery Project) - contact Jenny Noyelle

April 2021      The Jerusalem and Middle East Association - Tony Foulger click here for details

May 2021    Christian Aid  - contact Lyn Williamson click here for details

June 2021   University and Colleges Christian Fellowship - contact Jenny Noyelle

July 2021         Mission to Seafarers -  contact Vicar - Revd Simon Newham

August 2021   Christians Against Poverty  - contact Sue Moss click here for details

September 2021        Children's Society  contact Sue Moss 

Harvest 2021    New Forest Basics Bank  contact Elaine Nicholl click here for details

October 2021   Tearfund - contact Sue Moss click here for details

November 2021     Church Mission Society - contact Jenny Noyelle click here for details

December 2021 New Forest Mencap (Gateway Club)contact Janet McDonald

Christmas 2021   Oakhaven Hospice - contact  John Pearson click here for details

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